Man of Steel (2013)

Really good, a well thought out film bringing it up to date and helping to give myself an understanding of why they have super powers and how/why kryptonite affects him etc. Some bits are obviously cheesy but all in all a very good superman film!  With a healthy dose of destruction which I didn’t tire… Read more »

Blue was left powerless

Took the van to Scotland and on the way back it turned out that even with my foot flat to the floor we couldn’t get past 2500 revs and we sounded more like a tractor than a fun little vw T4… Took it to the garage and bit turned out that the turbo was spitting… Read more »

Home made crumble, don’t mind if I do! (H...

So I thought I might try something a little bit different for my blog, and give you a few recipes that are really easy to do, taste awesome and go down an absolute treat. Most of these will be from my Chalet host days, and always got a smile from the lovely guests. Sometimes I… Read more »

Rear mech mess

After a cracking day out on the bike near Edale in the hope valley…just before Jacobs ladder descent…my mech jumped into my spokes!

Run fatboy run…

I recently decided that it was time to lose the tub. As with every mountain biker that likes their food…I my belly has a well established position on my body, which isn’t helped by having a very inactive job (Web developer at where some of the staff like to treat us all to biscuits every so… Read more »

200000 miles

Bluey the van passed his 200000 mile marker today on the way up Hartside (in the rain as always) good old trusty van. Please raise your glasses to Big Blue, here’s to many more miles on the clock, may the adventures never end. Cheers!

My bread knife and I

Ems birthday last year over at Silloth beach, amazing sunset view over Criffel and Dumfries. The lovely Kate Rhodes came along and brought her camera… here are a few of the shots she got. Talented lady! Me cheating because I didn’t have a light meter…just copy the settings from one camera to the other!

VW Transporter spotting

Wicked job by van wonders…this used to be blue…makes our van look fairly scruffy though! Neighbours t4 Caravelle from the front, lovely detail. The mechanic who fixed my van, rolling on 21″ rims…I think it looks wicked!

Snapped headset cup

Ooops…snapped headset cup…wondered why it was very rattly! I don’t remember doing it though!

Poached pears in red wine syrup

Another season classic, poached pears in red wine syrup…easy and awesome! (and cheap if you already have vanilla and cinnamon etc)

Crepe Suzette….mmmm

Over a year ago me and the old bread knife were serving up fresh crepe suzette for a table of 14 people, ever week for 5 months…last week we had withdrawal symptoms! So my pregnant wife set me on with slaving over a hot stove…to be fair…it is well overdue! Because I forgot our awesome… Read more »

Back in black

After 2 cracks in the 18″ alloys I decided to go for a budget wheel for winter. As with everything in the world I have found that it is not what you know but who you know. Chris Meyer took me out to where I was about to get some steelies, when the owner… Read more »

Whinlatter after work? Don’t mind if I do!

Finish at 5, pack up and head to Whinlatter with a van full of bikes and bikers. The clouds looked as though we were gonna get a right old hammering of rain…but alas it stayed dry! I have always been about the rush of the ride, get down as quick as possible (and get up if… Read more »

OnOne 456 Summer Season to replace the NS Surge

Today I took delivery of my new frame which cost me a grand total of £99 from the OnOne sale! With a frame size of 18 inches and a slightly longer wheel base than my current ride, my ketchup red On One 456 Summer Season will be built up in time for the weekend…Hopefully! I… Read more »

Birthday Ride

Well, I got to choose where we went on the bikes this time seeing as it was my birthday and all…and as expected I chose to go up Grizedale Pike…however instead of coming back down the usual Hobcarton way, we went down over the back and towards Buttermere.As per usual when we went out in… Read more »

Coupe De Monde, Avoriaz

This is the view from about 200 metres down the Coupe De Monde, once of my favourite views from the entire of the Portes Du Soleil.

An impulse evening ride…

Driving up through the Lake District (which officially has only 1 lake in the entire district) after a family doo down in Hawkshead I decided at 40 that I wanted to go for a bike ride in the lakes. I sent the text, got replies, picked them up and then by 7pm we were parked… Read more »

Orange MrO: New Project

I say new project, I bought the frame about 2 years ago if not more, however I intend on building it up over time, anywho…here is what I have to start with…from the year 2000 it’s an Orange Mr O…watch this space… Just found this…I have intentions of making it look just as good!

Newcastleton with Random Biking

Joined the Random biking crew on a trip to Newcastleton, I go with these guys when I need my fitness sorting out, they just pedal and pedal and whinge at you when you are taking too long, so it makes you try and keep up. I struggled this time, fitness and breathing went out the… Read more »

Saint crank bolts stripped

6 years ago I purchased a set of Shimano Saint cranks, under the guidance of guru Joe from Palace Cycles that they would last me forever. They are still going strong, 2 or 3 replacement bottom brackets, however I seem to have gone through more of the bolts that hold the crank arm together than… Read more »