Run fatboy run…

I recently decided that it was time to lose the tub. As with every mountain biker that likes their food…I my belly has a well established position on my body, which isn’t helped by having a very inactive job (Web developer at where some of the staff like to treat us all to biscuits every so often. So starting the year at 13st, I crept up to 14st by July, so I decided…time for sit ups and runs… 4 weeks later….14.5st…. (imagine my grumpy sad face). Gutted (literally).

So I am still on a mission to lose that weight, however I had a fitness hiatus (much to the dismay of my constantly nagging mountain bike friends) after I pulled a muscle or…whatever I did when I borrowed a running friends spare trainers, which I have not learnt you really should NOT DO! Now I have started running again, and I cannot escape pure agony when I run…even the thought of “MAN UP” repeating on my brain cannot surpass the pain…so here starts my endeavour to figure out what is wrong with my legs! Current suspicions are Achilies Tendonitus: from my sports physio friend…so I am going to work on that assumption for now…and maybe buy some non-cheap trainers.

I am hoping to get passed this and hopefully train for and run a marathon next year…watch this space.

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