So who’s Dan?

Born in North Yorkshire, raised in North Yorkshire now living in Cumbria. Scottish family and heritage, spending a lot of my childhood in Glasgow. I live for adventure, and my adventures come in the form of my family, my mountain biking and my snowboarding.

“It isn’t an adventure until something goes wrong”

…like taking a road map of France to navigate from Carlisle to Aviemore.

Founding Jackrabbitt along with my brother Rick Jesse many years ago, we have grown the brand from strength to strength based on the passions of the people we meet along the way.

My blog is as much for me as it is for you, I have a rubbish memory, this is a great way of nudging my brain to remember stuff and if nothing else, when my kidsĀ are sat at the dinner table on her phone ignoring the rest of her family as a teenager, at least I can point her to something useful!


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