OnOne 456 Summer Season to replace the NS Surge

Today I took delivery of my new frame which cost me a grand total of £99 from the OnOne sale! With a frame size of 18 inches and a slightly longer wheel base than my current ride, my ketchup red On One 456 Summer Season will be built up in time for the weekend…Hopefully!

I decided that it was time to upgrade (but by no means forget about) my trusty NS Surge frame that is now 5 years old and starting to show it’s age. With my heart wanting to venture further out into the (personal) unknowns and focus less on the thrills and spills of the trail centre rides, I thought it best to go for a bigger frame than I currently use. Only jumping up 3 inches from 15″ to 18″ I am hoping I can still retain the fun chuckable bike that the Surge has provided me with over our time together, but together with my newly bought Thomson Elite seatpost off www.flatoutcycles.co.uk for £32.50 delivered (a bargain because it is pretty much brand new!), I am hoping that I can turn my “Do it all” bike, into a “Do not quite as much, but be able to pedal up more of the Lake District hills” bike. For £99 I figured why not!?

Also new to the scene (and a sign I am getting old and unfit) is my new XT chainset with dual ring upfront, and front mech and shifter…After running a 36 tooth single front ring for 8 years I have finally accepted that I will be able to go further afield (with less struggling) if I stick some extra gears on the front! I am yet to ride them on the Surge, but I will report back tomorrow!

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