Birthday Ride

Well, I got to choose where we went on the bikes this time seeing as it was my birthday and all…and as expected I chose to go up Grizedale Pike…however instead of coming back down the usual Hobcarton way, we went down over the back and towards Buttermere.As per usual when we went out in the Lake District, it was in the clouds once we got higher up, so the views weren’t amazing, but it still had a great atmosphere up on the hills. The descent was amazing and I really want to go again, however this time I think I would park in Braithewait and ride up towards Causey Pike, then over and down to Buttermere, then head back along the road from Buttermere to Braithwaite, which I think would total about 18 miles in total. Anyway, here are a few photos of the day. Cheers to everyone who got in touch or came along, I had a wicked day. (Other than feeling guilty about my nephew Elijah throwing up in the car because of all the backroads…sorry Eli!)

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