Saint crank bolts stripped

6 years ago I purchased a set of Shimano Saint cranks, under the guidance of guru Joe from Palace Cycles that they would last me forever. They are still going strong, 2 or 3 replacement bottom brackets, however I seem to have gone through more of the bolts that hold the crank arm together than I have bottom brackets. I am currently on my 4th or 5th set of bolts…this is due to the crank arm occasionally coming loose, I tighten it with an old set of allen keys, round the bolt head and then struggle to get them back out!

I think the issue is due to the NS Surge frame being an odd width at the bottom bracket, so the arm doesn’t clamp down quite right. Anywho, I bought another set of bolts (£1.99 each) cleaned all the crud off the cranks and tightened them up…WOOO back to normal, I reckon these really will last a long time!

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