Rear mech mess

After a cracking day out on the bike near Edale in the hope valley…just before Jacobs ladder descent…my mech jumped into my spokes!

Orange Mr O 2001 “retro” build

This is a frame I bought off a friend for £25 including rear shock (Fox VanRC) when I told him I wanted a project….    Upon telling a friend, he said “no way…that’s my old frame…I still have the forks for that!” to which I asked him how much…. “£25?”… Sold! To my delight it… Read more »

Snapped headset cup

Ooops…snapped headset cup…wondered why it was very rattly! I don’t remember doing it though!

Hope Mono M4 lever broken – split seal

Lesson learnt…don’t drop your bike onto a fence! It caught the lever and pulled it out…and then I clicked it back in…WIN….actually…fail. Now when I pull the brake slowly it pulls all the way to the bars and doesn’t come on, if I pull it fast, it works as normal until you let off the… Read more »

Grizedale Forest

Well, I have always had my gripes with Grizedale forest, the trail centre, average fun but not very rewarding for how much effort you put in. However, Richard and Anthony went a wandering a few weeks back and found some great descents. So for Uncle Tony’s birthday we went out to find them again. 13… Read more »

Whinlatter after work? Don’t mind if I do!

Finish at 5, pack up and head to Whinlatter with a van full of bikes and bikers. The clouds looked as though we were gonna get a right old hammering of rain…but alas it stayed dry! I have always been about the rush of the ride, get down as quick as possible (and get up if… Read more »

OnOne 456 Summer Season to replace the NS Surge

Today I took delivery of my new frame which cost me a grand total of £99 from the OnOne sale! With a frame size of 18 inches and a slightly longer wheel base than my current ride, my ketchup red On One 456 Summer Season will be built up in time for the weekend…Hopefully! I… Read more »

Morning in the sun

Back in November, we organised a nice ride out up Grizedale pike….and I forgot to upload the photos…here they are 🙂 and yes…this is the trip where I got to whinlatter for 8am and realised I had left my front wheel inside my house…a quick journey up the M6 and help a hitchhiker on his… Read more »

An impulse evening ride…

Driving up through the Lake District (which officially has only 1 lake in the entire district) after a family doo down in Hawkshead I decided at 40 that I wanted to go for a bike ride in the lakes. I sent the text, got replies, picked them up and then by 7pm we were parked… Read more »

Newcastleton in the rain

Working from home allows you to get out and do stuff when there isn’t much happening, making the most of the quiet trails and doing the work you needed to do when you get back! Although, as we found out, the quick 3 hour ride turned into a morning and an afternoon after we had… Read more »