Blue was left powerless

Took the van to Scotland and on the way back it turned out that even with my foot flat to the floor we couldn’t get past 2500 revs and we sounded more like a tractor than a fun little vw T4…

Took it to the garage and bit turned out that the turbo was spitting oil through and into the fuel…not a guaranteed fix but a very strong contender…so 900ish quid later we had a shiny new turbo and all the bits that needed servicing along side it such as the fuel filtrer and oil filter etc etc. Took blue (the van) home and it felt awesome. Few round the town trips and all was good.

Took a few mates to see biffy clyro in Newcastle, and 8 miles into out 150 round trip…the tractor finds us again and the meaty 2.5tdi vw engine seems to have been replaced with my wife’s old 1.2 from her old little punto….that was a long and agonising drive….and on the way back too…60 going flat or down hill, 40 going up….sad time….900 wasted and no difference.

Organised for another doctors apointrlnt with the mechanic. Took the van up, not a problem, full power, better than ever…took it for a spin to Scotland and back…perfect…so ended up just bringing the van home and not tracking back to the garage…just when you think you understand something…it proves you wrong…just like a woman!

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