Hope Mono M4 lever broken – split seal

Lesson learnt…don’t drop your bike onto a fence! It caught the lever and pulled it out…and then I clicked it back in…WIN….actually…fail. Now when I pull the brake slowly it pulls all the way to the bars and doesn’t come on, if I pull it fast, it works as normal until you let off the pressure…bizarre! So I did what every short attention spanned mountain biker man does…took it apart!

Upon taking it apart…I cleaned everything…put it back together and ouila…no better! Took it apart again and noticed there is a tiny split in the rubber seal around the lever piston (the one just to the right of the spring in the photo) it is shaped like a skirt, and not a normal oRing…balls!

Got in touch with hope, the master cylinder seal service kit is a tenner! Ah well…live and learn!

Thought I would share this “exploded diagram” with you…just incase you ever wondered what makes up the best brake lever in the world! Pretty simple huh 🙂

3 comments on “Hope Mono M4 lever broken – split seal

  1. Anonymous on

    Found your random post while looking to see what I had to do to my lever which pulled out in transit. Should go back together, but I will now check for splits in the seals first. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous on

    cheers for the post exact same happened to me, now I don’t really know how to take fluids apart but this really helped me out.



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