Orange Mr O 2001 “retro” build

This is a frame I bought off a friend for £25 including rear shock (Fox VanRC) when I told him I wanted a project….    Upon telling a friend, he said “no way…that’s my old frame…I still have the forks for that!” to which I asked him how much…. “£25?”… Sold! To my delight it… Read more »

Hope Mono M4 lever broken – split seal

Lesson learnt…don’t drop your bike onto a fence! It caught the lever and pulled it out…and then I clicked it back in…WIN….actually…fail. Now when I pull the brake slowly it pulls all the way to the bars and doesn’t come on, if I pull it fast, it works as normal until you let off the… Read more »

Grizedale Forest

Well, I have always had my gripes with Grizedale forest, the trail centre, average fun but not very rewarding for how much effort you put in. However, Richard and Anthony went a wandering a few weeks back and found some great descents. So for Uncle Tony’s birthday we went out to find them again. 13… Read more »

Morning in the sun

Back in November, we organised a nice ride out up Grizedale pike….and I forgot to upload the photos…here they are 🙂 and yes…this is the trip where I got to whinlatter for 8am and realised I had left my front wheel inside my house…a quick journey up the M6 and help a hitchhiker on his… Read more »

Newcastleton in the rain

Working from home allows you to get out and do stuff when there isn’t much happening, making the most of the quiet trails and doing the work you needed to do when you get back! Although, as we found out, the quick 3 hour ride turned into a morning and an afternoon after we had… Read more »

Whinlatter Jackrabbitt Ride

We have been organising group rides for the last few years, to try and get people interested in mountain biking, and the last 2 we ran have been absolute belters. 16 or 17 people turned up to Whinlatter near Keswick on the 10th July 2011 and here is how it went down!

Jackrabbitt week

Our final week is now here, and it has come too quick! Everyone else is winding down but here in Chalet L’Atelier of Mountain Mavericks things are just about to get going! 8 guests for the week consisting of uni mates and friends of friends, sunny weather and fun times ahead! Snowboarding in the morning,… Read more »

Jackrabbitt Holiday – April 16th-23rd

Beautiful views to be had in the Portes Du Soleil.  We have a deal going with Mountain Mavericks for the week of the 16th (Saturday) April. The cost of the week is £295 and includes: Your breakfast (with hot options, fresh croissants etc) Afternoon tea (cake and bread etc) 6 days of 3 course evening… Read more »

Au Revoir to the JR crew

Well, after an awesome (exhausting) week we waved goodbye to the JR lot that were up in Avoriaz. It was great to see some friendly faces and even better to get out on the mountain with them, everyone progressed a lot over the week they were here. The Jackrabbitt crew seem to encourage an atmosphere… Read more »

Carlisle’s Jackrabbitt crew arrive in Avo...

They arrived yesterday and hit the slopes today! It is fantastic to see some old faces and we had an absolute storm on the slopes today, meeting them at about 10am and riding til about 3. Such a laugh and such a good ride! Me and Wifey are well excited for the rest of the… Read more »

Happy birthday BeXx!

Anyone who follows the Jackrabbitt blog will know the name Becky Menday the awesome little shredder ripping up the slopes around europe. Recently signed by Protest Becky is going from strength to strength and everytime I see a video I see massive improvements. Having the right attitude of having fun in everything you do is… Read more »

Dan and Ems do a season…

…and so it begins, its 3 in the mornin and I’ve just crawled into bed. We want to set off for 9…you reckon we can do it? Place your bets now! 5 months of chalet hosting and Snowboarding here we come, watch out morzine… Sleep time Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.3

My first real Mountain Bike ride! (Walna Scar)

For someone that has ridden a mountain bike for 6 – 7 years that may seem like an odd title for this post…but its true! I have only been riding trail centres with the man made trails or little bits of natural trails but never a 6 and a half hour epic ride. After watching… Read more »

Dalbeattie, Full Sus, Wide Bars

Dalbeattie red route was never one of my favourite stanes, just because there was no real, mind blowing descents. However this trip has changed my mind slightly, thanks to Mad Mike and Grave Danger, two names that I probably shouldn’t have tried to keep up with! My lovely Marzocchi 55 ATA (2008)s were still back… Read more »

Harrogate Climbing Centre (HCC)

For those that end up reading this blog and do not know my whole back story, here it is in a nutshell* : Whilst at Uni in Carlisle I used to go down to the Sands Centre climbing wall, wearing skate shoes, I sucked at it, I gave up. That is my climbing history. This… Read more »

Cwmcarn Day 03 (Wet Welsh Weekend)

A good nights sleep and some bacon, some lovely sunshine and the welsh hills… a bit of a better start than the day before! Packing up the tent, getting 10 bikes out of 2 cars, repacking the cars with everything else and then heading down to the start of the Twrch Trail, all done quickly… Read more »

Cwmcarn Day 02 (south wales)

10 in the tent and the little one said…”are you awake?”Well, it wasn’t quite a water bed we were on but the ground definitely squelched under our floor/bed! I didn’t get much sleep and neither did a couple of others, thanks to the snorers, rain, wind, waterfalls near by and the rivers forming through our tent. Morning… Read more »

Cwmcarn Day 01 (welsh trails)

For some strange reason, these last few months have made me start to question my commitment to mountain biking, snowboarding, jackrabbitt, etc. I just seem to have lost the passion that I once had for the sport and surrounding culture, no apparent reason, other than maybe feeling slightly left behind after the whole collar bone… Read more »