Our new van: VW T4 2.5TDI 88BHP

Well, I have mentioned it a couple of times now but it is finally time to unveil our latest addition to the family. As we wave goodbye to the trusty Ibiza and welcome in the new vehicle. The wife and I were on the hunt for an estate car because squeezing everything into the hot hatch was just annoying, we checked out a Mazda Bongo at a local car sales place…Ems fell in love…now she wants a camper, with the thought of taking it, parking up, sleeping etc,¬†then Grave, our housemate at the time purchased a lovely looking VW T4…after a discussion about sleeping arrangements in the van etc, we were hooked! Thus commencing the ebay search! We looked at 2 or 3, too expensive for what they were, tatty old rust buckets, so I put out the call on facebook, “The person who finds us our van will get their name on the back of it!”. Wendy sent me about 30 links through, picking out the better deals, 1 we had already seen and then the other, the one we bought!
It turned out I knew the guy selling the van, he taught me to surf! Bought it, picked it up and haven’t looked back since! We paid ¬£4000 for it, which is a reasonable price for the condition it is in, but there are still quite a few problems needing looked at, but all in due course! I will list them soon and keep you up to date with anything we do with it and also our adVANtures as we go along!
Finally, the moment you have been waiting for….meet the T4!

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