VW Transporter spotting

Wicked job by van wonders…this used to be blue…makes our van look fairly scruffy though! Neighbours t4 Caravelle from the front, lovely detail. The mechanic who fixed my van, rolling on 21″ rims…I think it looks wicked!

Back in black

After 2 cracks in the 18″ alloys I decided to go for a budget wheel for winter. As with everything in the world I have found that it is not what you know but who you know. Chris Meyer took me out to www.van-wonders.co.uk where I was about to get some steelies, when the owner… Read more »

An impulse evening ride…

Driving up through the Lake District (which officially has only 1 lake in the entire district) after a family doo down in Hawkshead I decided at 40 that I wanted to go for a bike ride in the lakes. I sent the text, got replies, picked them up and then by 7pm we were parked… Read more »

New wipers!

Well, I told you I was going to keep you updated on the van stuff… first bit of money spent…£15 for a set of new Aero wipers off the T4forum…the difference they make…incredible…and they look a bit nicer too!

Our new van: VW T4 2.5TDI 88BHP

Well, I have mentioned it a couple of times now but it is finally time to unveil our latest addition to the family. As we wave goodbye to the trusty Ibiza and welcome in the new vehicle. The wife and I were on the hunt for an estate car because squeezing everything into the hot… Read more »