A few runs in the slush

Went out for a few runs today, only to find that almost everywhere was slush. Normally good fun but after a heavy slam on wednesday my body is suffering. I came over the red kicker hoping to do a grab, but I ended up rotating 90 degrees backside instantly catching my heels on the transition. Catching your heels on a snowboard is usually the lesser of two evils between that and catching your toe edge, because on your toes you have the potential faceplant and also break your wrists, however, at speed and from height…heel edge hurts also! As my edge caught, my feet stayed where they were, sending my ass into the ground, and with my board still acting as an achor point my body rotated round my legs and sent my head into the ground at speed. I got up pretty much unhurt…WINNER…then when I went to sleep that night and woke up the next day I realised that my muscles had decided to punish me for my actions!
This was 2 days ago and I am still having issues moving, my leg muscles, stomach muscles and neck muscles do want to comply with the body movement regulations! Anyway, the slopes were so quiet it was amazing, it has been far too long!

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