Coupe De Monde, Avoriaz

This is the view from about 200 metres down the Coupe De Monde, once of my favourite views from the entire of the Portes Du Soleil.

Season in Morzine = Done!

Well, after 5 months we are finally back in the UK. Having met some inspirational people along the way, we have come back with a lot of new friends and a rake load of stories to tell. Just want to say a massive thank you to all the other seasonaires we met whilst out in… Read more »


Well today we took the Jackrabbitt holiday makers to the skies! here are a couple of photos with many many more to follow!

Jackrabbitt week

Our final week is now here, and it has come too quick! Everyone else is winding down but here in Chalet L’Atelier of Mountain Mavericks things are just about to get going! 8 guests for the week consisting of uni mates and friends of friends, sunny weather and fun times ahead! Snowboarding in the morning,… Read more »

Just Snowboard Camp, Morzine/Avoriaz

Just finished the edit of this weeks Just Snowboarding Camp, the Freestyle edition. We had an amazing week with these guys and getting taught by Mint Snowboarding. Breaking everything down into the basics, pipe, park and flat land tricks, making it easier to get to grips with what our bodies should be doing. It was… Read more »

Out of the halfpipe….CHECK!

Well, I have done a few runs the pipe now and must admit, watching people I thought I could get some air time out of the top, but when I tried myself I was too much of a chicken! I decided to add it to my list of things to do whilst over here, and… Read more »

Halfpipe wifey!

Well, I managed to get Ems to do the lesson in the pipe…almost had to drag her kicking and screaming…but it worked! She progressed from being scared of entering the pipe, all the way to getting onto the walls and getting some speed up! Now she is at the same level as me as I… Read more »

A few runs in the slush

Went out for a few runs today, only to find that almost everywhere was slush. Normally good fun but after a heavy slam on wednesday my body is suffering. I came over the red kicker hoping to do a grab, but I ended up rotating 90 degrees backside instantly catching my heels on the transition.… Read more »

Trying my bit at trash talk!

My friend Joycey has decided to step up his game, and he thought the best way to do that was to challenge me to a wee competition within the realms of snowboard freestyle! I have posted my first video to Youtube and I am now awaiting his response, to try and beat it or at… Read more »

Spins and things…

With the wee Wifey feeling a little under the weather today I headed out by myself to go meet up with Mel. I have found that I am a lot less forgiving when I am by myself, making comments to ignorant skiers on rental skis chipping away at my edges. When I am with someone… Read more »

Doll and the Kicks

Not the wednesday just gone but the one before we decided to take a road trip to Switzerland to see one of Mel’s friends band play in Lausanne, they are called Doll and the Kicks. Not really knowing what to expect we went to the gig, saw the opening act and I must admit I… Read more »

Got snow?!

Mitch said it, but I didn’t believe him….and I was wrong. It is snowing…or was at least, it has calmed down now but check this photo out…this is from our window ┬áin the Prodain valley The snow is still quite wet down here but my hopes are that it is light and fluffy up yonder…… Read more »

Lac Montriond

Frozen lake montriond where they do all the water sports in summer, a beatiful sight even if you have to walk in a constant stream of puddles…

Turn it up a notch

Well, after being here for 107 days, and only 44 days to go, we all decided it was time to step it up a gear. Ems, Carol and Mel are hitting the blue kickers, barrel jump, boxes and also starting to get grabs. Dom, Stu and me have started hitting the reds on a frequent… Read more »

Where did that come from?!

Ems had some porridge today and decided that it was a good day to go big, along with the rest of the jackrabbitt morzine crew. Here are a few snaps from the day, write ups to come soon!

Powder anyone?!

The snow we should have had back in January is finally here! Ems has been off for a couple of days due to some bruised ribs because of a fight with a mogul, but she is all good now (Well…getting better but she doesn’t want to miss the currently heavy dumping snow!). Not much updating… Read more »

More Snow!

We had a little top up of snow over night, so we got done and headed up. Awesome session of off piste, cheers to the guys we were out with. More snow due in later this week and more fun times to be had! Canny wait like! Even if it is half term…and extremely busy!… Read more »