Powder anyone?!

The snow we should have had back in January is finally here! Ems has been off for a couple of days due to some bruised ribs because of a fight with a mogul, but she is all good now (Well…getting better but she doesn’t want to miss the currently heavy dumping snow!). Not much updating recently as half term week has been hecticly busy, but almost back to normal now…and equipped with a fully working goPro! I have already got some beautiful off piste tree runs on it, i just have to cut out the falls and then upload them! Be with you soon! ps….IT IS SNOWING!

One comment on “Powder anyone?!

  1. Phileas on

    Just caught up on the latest 200 hundred-odd photos. As usual loads of amazing shots. LOVE the one of you 2 and your boards. Def one for the wall when you get back! Love your new board ems.

    Thought you were looking quite manly Ems – but then realised it wasn’t you – it was someone copying you with the brown jacket / green trousers look. Snowboarding style Guru!

    Miss you!! I keep checking skype – but we’re never on at the same time!!! Grrrr.
    Elijah has some new tricks to show you.. Let’s skype soon. xxxx huge hugs. Mrs P xx


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