Real snow!

Woke up this morning to a lovely fresh layer of white stuff, with loads more falling! We totally weren’t expecting it so I felt like my birthday present had come early, thanks to everyone who did the snow dance for us. We got breakfast done, had a quick dip in the hot tub as I had just cleaned it and it was all fresh, then headed up the hill. For the first day of half term it wasn’t too busy, but we have been warned it will be horrid tomorrow. The snow was falling thick and heavy, yet the temperature was still above zero, so as soon as it hit us, it melted, so we came back extremely soggy. We have had about half a foot fall down around our chalet so maybe a bit more than that up top. 

I have almost forgotten how to ride real snow, but then again, there are still sections of the old icy pistes showing through, so hopefully the snow they have predicted for tomorrow and wednesday will be correct!
Right, I am off to watch/fall asleep to Band of Brothers on my lovely high res screen in HD, good night y’all.

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