Last day of sun?

Hopefully that is the last we will see of the sun for a while and HOPEFULLY it will absolutely dump it down over the next week, we need it for sure. As much fun as the current riding conditions are we need a top up. We headed up with our new found seasonnaire friends from Sugar Mountain, Carol and Stu, and had a well good day, jibbing…falling…speeding etc. Really good guys to ride with as they are a lot more experienced than us and it is the best way to learn. (I also find that associating pain with mistakes is a quick way to learn, but it doesn’t help you figure out the correct way of doing it!).

After heading over to Les Combes for a quick icy run with Dave and Nicky from Mountain Mavericks, we met up with Olly, who I tried to follow and copy the little tricks he was doing…but I was struggling to keep up let alone trick at the same time!

Burton CustomX 160cm 2009

At the moment I kind of feel like I am being held back with my little jib tricks due to my board as it is pretty stiff (Burton CustomX 160) and I think I am not quite at the level to get the most out of it just yet…but when the soft snow comes, it will finally come into a world of it’s own!

Me, Stu and Andy

We then hit the park up for a few laps, where I was feeling pretty good until my foot fell out of my binding after 2 big jumps…glad it happened after and not during! Met Andy from More Mountain whilst in the park, he was laying down some silky smooth frontside 360s, but I ain’t quite ready for that yet!
Ems got a few tips from Olly on the jumps; “bend your knees earlier”, “bend your knees more when you land” and it worked a treat, she cleared the greens with ease and had a HUGE grin on her face at the end! Nice one wifey!

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