Day off with Mountain Mavericks crew

I showed them a trick…got it wrong and fell…so they all mocked me by doing the same…like lemmings!

Extremely expensive restaurante with stunning views behind me!

Late start due to 430am bedtime, but on the slopes for 12ish and once again it was a beautiful day! We havn’t had snow since the 10th of January, just an afternoon of light showers and that was it. 3 powder days out of the 79 days we have been here, someone please send me some snowdance tutorials…we are getting desperate (also the goggle tan is kicking in far too early!).

Last run down to super morzine…i think it’s called Zorr
Live DJing at the Tremplin, great vibe down there, hope they keep doing it!

We headed out with the Mountain Mavericks crew and had an awesome session, heading over to the same place me and Ems had been 2 days previous, beautiful scenery and a great crew to ride with. Constantly pushing each other and trying new stuff. All in all, a good day off, finished with a visit to the Tremplin. Live music, lots of people and the perfect way to end the day…well…then we went for steak and creme brulee…THAT’S the perfect end to it!

Awesome food 😀

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