Our Day Off

So guests arrive sunday, and leave 8 days later. We cook them breakfast in the morning, and a 3 course meal in the evening. It will come as no suprise to you that on our day off…we are shattered.
Despite this, we got up for first(ish) lift on Wednesday and rode all day! Heading over to the Stash, and then hitting up Chatel for a few runs. The pistes were mobbed, there were soooo many people! Almost to the point where I didn’t enjoy it, but then something clicked…use them to practise speedy reactions! A number of close calls but no accidents! WOOOO!
I started to see improvements in myself for the first time since we arrived, upping the speed and remaining in control. I am still struggling with the backside 180 spin (left foot forward, spinning clockwise) I seem to go off axis every time and land with my board in the air. Frontside (anti clockwise) 180 grabs are too easy now, I just need to start doing them off bigger and more impressive things. I have started back on with my frontside 360 (1 full rotation, anti clockwise with left foot forward) the ground work is in and now I just need to take that to the kickers as I am currently doing them on little bumps on and off the piste.
I have also been working on full runs in switch…I am not enjoying it!
Ems has had a few bad days of late, probably from being shattered, but the last week she has improved a lot, getting the confidence to hit a box, try 180s and go faster down the piste. She looks a lot more confident on the board now which is great as now we can both hit full runs in a pretty good time.
Anyway, here is my best photos from my day off, please leave a comment if you like them 🙂

Views of freshly groomed pistes, lovely and fast yet quiet and safe

Ems shredding up the just off the Prolays lift
Incredible view of the Portes Du Soleil
Chaux Fleurie lift, against the rising sun
After a quiet 3 hours of fresh pistes, these guys arrived and ruined it all…WHERE’S WALLY!
Dave (one of the Mountain Mavericks team) hitting the stash with a nice 180
Busy again, but my attraction was elsewhere, you have to see it to truly appreciate it!
Dave, Nicky, Ems and me head for some not so fresh lines off piste
Dave goes flying down the meadow, we cannot wait for some fresh snow!
Ems following Dave’s lead down the meadow
It was a lot steeper than it looks! Nice one Dave!
Our walk home, the lovely Prodain valley. An amazing place to call home for now!

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