Sleep on snowboard…

Change over day has a reputation for being a challenge…but I think yesterday was a proper mission for all involved! Our first bunch of guests arrived at 2 after traveling since 4pm, and our second lot of guests arrive between 1130pm and 1230am, our final bunch of guests were missing from these transfers…
We got a call from Mrs Maverick (Emma) and she let us know that their flight had been delayed so they were getting a transfer with a transfer company. That’s fine. 2am arrival, I stay up and do the late shift while Ems goes to sleep and does morning shift, simple! Nope when the guests finally arrived at 330am after the flight was delayed even more only for the transfer company to have to leave and thus leaving our new guests to get a taxi from the airport to Morzine. With every right to be mad, they appeared on our doorstep at 330am with Olly with great big cheery smiles, satisfied in the fact they had reached their destination. Such nice people!

Our usual mid day stop off: Changabang:
4xHot Chocolate and a portion of chips = 17 euros …ouch

Anyway, in came the morning and I woke up at 715am anyway, so got up and helped Ems with breakfast (a little slower than usual due to lack of sleep). I took our guests up to Avoriaz for their lesson, then hit the perfectly piste’d home run in a straight line all the way down with no goggles. Listening to Reuben: A Short History Of Nearly Everything, an empty piste and a clear day, a great run (yes it is “hero snow” but I enjoy being able to go that fast and under control)!
After cleaning the rooms, I faced the difficult decision of snowboard or sleep…not really…easy answer…SNOWBOARDING! So I grabbed an energy drink and ran out the door! Totally worth it, sitting appreciating the mountain with a hot chocolate and some good friends.

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