Sometimes it’s east to forget just how mu...

Sometimes it’s east to forget just how much you desired something once you’ve had it for a while. I trawled ebay and forums for months trying to find a van. Had him ages now, 257,000 miles on the clock and still one of my favourite purchases. #vwt4 #transporter

Blue was left powerless

Took the van to Scotland and on the way back it turned out that even with my foot flat to the floor we couldn’t get past 2500 revs and we sounded more like a tractor than a fun little vw T4… Took it to the garage and bit turned out that the turbo was spitting… Read more »

200000 miles

Bluey the van passed his 200000 mile marker today on the way up Hartside (in the rain as always) good old trusty van. Please raise your glasses to Big Blue, here’s to many more miles on the clock, may the adventures never end. Cheers!

Back in black

After 2 cracks in the 18″ alloys I decided to go for a budget wheel for winter. As with everything in the world I have found that it is not what you know but who you know. Chris Meyer took me out to where I was about to get some steelies, when the owner… Read more »

Newcastleton in the rain

Working from home allows you to get out and do stuff when there isn’t much happening, making the most of the quiet trails and doing the work you needed to do when you get back! Although, as we found out, the quick 3 hour ride turned into a morning and an afternoon after we had… Read more »