First snowboard ride

A full day off, and a lot of snow? Lets go ride!

Well, we did, hoping that the rumours of a couple of lifts opening early were true, only to arrive and have our high hopes crushed when the lifts were all locked up 🙁
So we decided to head to Ardent and do a wee hike up the home run and at least get one fix of the day. We got pretty far but realised the true value of lift passes, as we were all completely knackered by the time we got about a quarter mile up the hill…shocking. Anyway we decided to head down from here, in the fluffy white stuff! 

It took a fair few turns for it to all start coming back to me, and I also remembered how much I suck at riding powder, but it was awesome fun none the less. Laughs and smiles all round from Ems, Mel, Glenda, Dom and me, then to Dixies for a quick drink before returning home.
Mel noticed a poster advertising the local ice hockey team playing tonight….so guess where we are heading tonight?! I am well excited! I will report back after the match!

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