VW Transporter spotting

Wicked job by van wonders…this used to be blue…makes our van look fairly scruffy though! Neighbours t4 Caravelle from the front, lovely detail. The mechanic who fixed my van, rolling on 21″ rims…I think it looks wicked!

Whinlatter after work? Don’t mind if I do!

Finish at 5, pack up and head to Whinlatter with a van full of bikes and bikers. The clouds looked as though we were gonna get a right old hammering of rain…but alas it stayed dry! I have always been about the rush of the ride, get down as quick as possible (and get up if… Read more »

New wipers!

Well, I told you I was going to keep you updated on the van stuff… first bit of money spent…£15 for a set of new Aero wipers off the T4forum…the difference they make…incredible…and they look a bit nicer too!