Birthday Ride

Well, I got to choose where we went on the bikes this time seeing as it was my birthday and all…and as expected I chose to go up Grizedale Pike…however instead of coming back down the usual Hobcarton way, we went down over the back and towards Buttermere.As per usual when we went out in… Read more »

An impulse evening ride…

Driving up through the Lake District (which officially has only 1 lake in the entire district) after a family doo down in Hawkshead I decided at 40 that I wanted to go for a bike ride in the lakes. I sent the text, got replies, picked them up and then by 7pm we were parked… Read more »

Lakes camping trip

Well, after last years success (which I did not attend) Kirstie decided to organise another weekend of fun in the Lake District! We went kayaking in Derwent Water near Keswick, took a trip over to the other side, jumped off a pier, visited 2 islands, got cold and then paddled forever to get back to… Read more »

Grizedale Pike on semi-slicks!

Well, last night was interesting…single speed (36/16 for those who know) on semi-slicks riding the Whinlatter south side ascent, then continuing up to the top of Grizedale Pike. A long climb but the view at the top is so worth it. My chain snapped at the start so even after fixing it I still didn’t… Read more »

Ullswater spontaneous kayaking

This is the reason I love living in Carlisle. We finished moving some stuff from house to house and then decided to take the kayaks down into the lake district, 45 minutes later and we were unloading the boats from the van, not many cities in the country where you can do that. One of… Read more »

Back on the bike

Well it has been a while since on my trusty steel trail monster, but after a couple of rides I am still loving it, which is good to know! Must admit it is still taking a bit of adjusting to the traveling forwards and not standing sideways but I suppose that comes with the winter… Read more »

My first real Mountain Bike ride! (Walna Scar)

For someone that has ridden a mountain bike for 6 – 7 years that may seem like an odd title for this post…but its true! I have only been riding trail centres with the man made trails or little bits of natural trails but never a 6 and a half hour epic ride. After watching… Read more »