Rear mech mess

After a cracking day out on the bike near Edale in the hope valley…just before Jacobs ladder descent…my mech jumped into my spokes!

200000 miles

Bluey the van passed his 200000 mile marker today on the way up Hartside (in the rain as always) good old trusty van. Please raise your glasses to Big Blue, here’s to many more miles on the clock, may the adventures never end. Cheers!

My bread knife and I

Ems birthday last year over at Silloth beach, amazing sunset view over Criffel and Dumfries. The lovely Kate Rhodes came along and brought her camera… here are a few of the shots she got. Talented lady! Me cheating because I didn’t have a light meter…just copy the settings from one camera to the other!

Orange Mr O 2001 “retro” build

This is a frame I bought off a friend for £25 including rear shock (Fox VanRC) when I told him I wanted a project….    Upon telling a friend, he said “no way…that’s my old frame…I still have the forks for that!” to which I asked him how much…. “£25?”… Sold! To my delight it… Read more »

Poached pears in red wine syrup

Another season classic, poached pears in red wine syrup…easy and awesome! (and cheap if you already have vanilla and cinnamon etc)

Grizedale Forest

Well, I have always had my gripes with Grizedale forest, the trail centre, average fun but not very rewarding for how much effort you put in. However, Richard and Anthony went a wandering a few weeks back and found some great descents. So for Uncle Tony’s birthday we went out to find them again. 13… Read more »