Orange Mr O 2001 “retro” build

This is a frame I bought off a friend for £25 including rear shock (Fox VanRC) when I told him I wanted a project…. 

Upon telling a friend, he said “no way…that’s my old frame…I still have the forks for that!” to which I asked him how much…. “£25?”… Sold! To my delight it came attached to an old Hope c2 front brake. 

So far frame + shock (apparently the good one! I am a hardtail rider so totally new to all this) + forks + front brake (no disc) = £50 

I put the forks on my hardtail as an experiment as the frame is warrantied up to 200mm travel…it was horrid just in case you wondered! See the photo below… 

After I got the forks I replaced the seals (£10), after that I moved house 4 times and nothing got done (and in the process the rear swingarm got crushed [booo]) for about 3 years…until this year. A friend who works locally offered to blast and powder coat the frame, for nowt, legend of a guy that I have helped down at the local dryslope for a few years. After a few weeks, he told me it was ready to pick up…uber excited! 

…and here is what was in the box… 

…as soon as I could I put the parts that I had in place…remembering that along the years of having it, I lent the front brake to someone and it never came back! Gutted…then I gave my brother a frame…and he produced a Hope c2 brake that he didn’t need anymore…how convenient! 

This was only 3 weeks ago. 

However in the process of messing about with things…I may have broken the rebound adjuster….or something…as none of the twiddly bits do anything any more! I need to find a service manual or something! 

Currrent build cost: 
frame £25 
forks £25 
seals £10 

I used to work in a bike shop, so know the lads in there quite well, and when I told one of them (actually the guy that sold me it now that I think about it) that I was finally getting round to building it up, he handed me his old and fairly knackered saint cranks, dmr v12 pedals, and bottom bracket. Winner! 

After helping a friend build up his new OnOne inbred, he no longer had use for his 31.6 seat clamp. Win. 

Trying to help a friend sell his 2nd bike to make way for a baby…when I went round he was having a clear out of parts…”you got a seat for that heavy piece of metal you are building?”…. “no”….hands me an old school DH seat…yet another win! 

Notice 2 things: 1) it pays to be nice and helpful to people, 2) more importantly…have awesome friends Very Happy

after getting this far…. “I need to ride it!” 

so I set about stripping my current bike OnOne summer season, of all it’s essential parts. Bars, stem, brakes, gears and wheels… 

I built it up and it weighed in at a “freakin ton”…but then I realised that I now had to ride that to work…and I still didn’t have a seat post that fitted…oops… 

From this… 

To this… 

This is why I chose these colours…they match my van haha Very Happy 

After 2 commutes to work on it…I decided it was time to test it out for it’s original purpose…so I fine tuned and tightened. Only to realise that the hole I used for the shock was forcing the reservoir to hit the frame….I told you I was new to this! I rubbed some paint off…ruining my shiny new paint job. 

I organised a ride to take this piece of solid iron out for a ride…only to remember that morning that I still didn’t have a seat post…a quick bell to a friend and I had a 31.6 seatpost…albeit too long (and rushed…I put the seat on backwards) 

First ride out…went to Ae forest…an old favourite for playing on…and very much to my suprise, the bike handled everything I could throw at it…effectively laughing in my face about the doubts I had. So much fun to ride, responsive and comfortable…I couldn’t believe this was an 11 year old bike! 

I ended up getting so confident that I did the 5 foot road gap on the Shredder. I was expecting to be slowly rolling over the jumps…so much so that I even took the work stand and OnOne frame with me so that if the MrO broke…I could still ride! 

Here is a quick wee vid (all being well with links etc) of Grave falling short on the road gap due to the bike being a tank. 

and then here is me hitting the stepdown on it:

7 comments on “Orange Mr O 2001 “retro” build

  1. Anonymous on

    Love it, been wanting to get one of these frames so bad myself. Suddenly not many around to pick at :/ not even flea bay.

  2. Harry on

    I’ve just bought one😃😃😃 I’ve got 2015 gambler at home and wanted to buy a retro bike so I got an absolute steal for £150 Mr 0 had all the best bits you could possible get in the late 90s

  3. Andrew Gulliver on

    Hi Dan. Not sure if you received my last message but what sort of price would you accept if you were to sell the Mr O? Thanks Andrew


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