Road up rocky down

Went out for a nice wee ride on Saturday with @bungalistic and @ian cawthorne. Decided to keep it short…only 12 miles…at a trail centre this would have been easy, but the climb up to watendlath was torture on my new 2.4 tyres. The descent down from the top was worth it though. Big rocks, drops and sketchy corners, a nice fast technical route that will use every single little mistake to your disadvantage.
One at the bottom we then headed for honister pass…my lack of fitness got the better of me early on so I ended up walking the steep bits…which was most of it.

Once at the top we ate and then headed down the path which leads to shepherds crag. Lovely bit of single track with some great technical features. Then onto the uber rocky path down…where a snake claimed Ian’s rear inner tube. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer location to sit and wait for the rubber glue to set! Unfortunately this meant that the group of 20 walkers we has just gone past…now overtook us.

On our way again reovertook the walkers and shouted “we will beat you to the bottom” 2 seconds later I sat down and snapped my seat off my bike…and obviously the walkers catch  up as I’m picking up the pieces. Ah well. Long stand all the way to the van…only to be greeted with some inconsiderate parking. A tight squeeze later and off to the beer garden for a well deserved coke! Wicked day.

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