A morning blast on the shredder!

It has been almost 2 years since I broke my collarbone (clavical) at Ae forest, and I havn’t been back there that much since. A play day was in order, so we got up early on sunday, set off at 9am and went up to Ae, we sessioned the last section of the Omega Man a few times and then hit the shredder from the top before heading home. I still have a little bit of fear/doubt in my mind about riding here because I still have no idea why or how I fell 2 years ago (I hit my head hard enough to have a 30 second memory for 6 hours).

I am still using the wrong tyres for these trails, especially in the wet, so I think I will be changing back in the near future to some slightly more trail friendly treads. At the top we discussed; “In my head I am telling myself to just go for the road gap, but I know that as soon as I get there my body will chicken out, but I am going to try!” and a few people agreed with me. It got to the ever crucial corner before it and I ran wide because of the silly tyres, but I decided to pedal and hit it anyway… narrowly missing my manhood with my seat as I landed short and onto flat, about a 5 foot drop, needless to say, my forks bottomed out with a loud clunk but I rode away none the less. I did hit it again, still not quite clearing it but still a whole lot smoother that time!

Ride the full descent all the way down and end of a massive buzz as everyone meets back up at the bottom. This is why I mountain bike, that feeling, shared with your mates, it has to be experienced to be understood.

 Photos here: https://picasaweb.google.com/Danieljesse/AeShredder260611

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