Season in Morzine = Done!

Well, after 5 months we are finally back in the UK. Having met some inspirational people along the way, we have come back with a lot of new friends and a rake load of stories to tell. Just want to say a massive thank you to all the other seasonaires we met whilst out in Morzine, riding and chilling with you guys made the insane workload that little bit easier to handle! Big up to all of our guests, we could not have imagined how many new people we would meet along the way and nearly everyone was spot on. We will make every effort to keep in touch, but where we do fall short, feel free to give us a shout if you are ever in/near carlisle! A massive thank you to Emma and Olly, the big bad bosses, who helped us throughout the season, if only every boss in the world was like you two! I only hope that we could pass on your passion and represent your company as you would have done yourselves. Cheers to the Jackrabbitt peeps who came out to visit, was good to see people in our temporary home! Finally I owe the sport of snowboarding a lot, it brought on the new experiences, new friends, and a different look on life, to some it is just a sport for one week a year, to me it is a lifestyle and one that continues to effect the way I live my life.

On a seperate note…I made 100 days of snowboarding on my very last day! I made the mistake of working out how many days I could miss and still make 100, so then I inevitably missed those days, however I still made my challenge. WINNER! It was hard work, often going out on days when I couldn’t really be bothered, but it usually turned out to be a good day and never failed to cheer me up on the old down days. I challenge anyone that goes away on a season to reach 100 days on the mountain.
Ems also had an amazing season, to the point where she caught up with me and I had to up my game and start hitting bigger things and going faster at everything.  Welldone girl, you did good and did me proud! A massive thank you to her for helping me and pushing me throughout the season.

All in all, we had an awesome and unforgettable time chalet hosting for Mountain Mavericks, we got to do what we love with people we love. Question is, would we do it again?

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