Doll and the Kicks

Not the wednesday just gone but the one before we decided to take a road trip to Switzerland to see one of Mel’s friends band play in Lausanne, they are called Doll and the Kicks. Not really knowing what to expect we went to the gig, saw the opening act and I must admit I was worried what I had paid for as the first band were pretty pants…then on came Doll and the Kicks…totally blown away and lost for words. Hannah (singer) and the other 3 guys have so much energy and you can tell they are loving what they do. Lyrically and musically they are a talented bunch and put on an awesome live show. I have since struggle to put the CD down. My recommendation to you is that if you get the chance to go see them in your area…DO IT! You will not regret it! Here is one of their videos (this track is a great one to snowboard to).

Cheers to Mel for uncovering these guys to us! Cheers to DATK for an amazing evening, all the best in the future!

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