Day off with some fresh snow!

It snowed on tuesday night too, so to all the people that dedicated a snowdance to the Alps, me and Ems thank you from the bottom of our heart…we needed the snow and it came! In celebration of this fact we decided to head on up for first lift (which we missed by about 2 minutes due to me faffing as per usual). Once we were up we hit the Coupe De Mondes for the first time, a steep, freshly pisted black run which brings a tear to your eyes even with goggles on! Reaching a top speed of 99.5kmph in the first few runs, I thought was quite impressive…no…just me….ok nevermind. Link to GPS tracked route here.

I decided to take Ems to a blue jump which is a step up, this means that it doesnt have a landing on the other side, you get to the peak of your jump, then you land, this means there is no harsh thuds, or long drops to get you injured. She stepped up to the plate and nailed it…falling on her bum, but still trying again a few more times, the third time, totally clearing the flat top and landing on the down ramp…even I was struggling to do that! Time to step up my game I think!

I took it to the reds…this wasn’t due for a few weeks yet but Ems forced my hand. I took the run up to the red from where looked to be the best place, I was going too fast and thought I was going to fly off the end of the earth, only to hit the jump and only make it across half the flat bit of the landing…ok…so I need to go a lot faster…a few more attempts saw me keep scrubbing my speed off in the run up and landing on the flat. Eventually I grew a pair and pinned it towards the jump, popped off the kicker and flew…it felt like I was in the air for a lot longer than usual (because I was!) then I landed it and rode away with my heart pounding and a mass of adrenalin running through my veins! Success!

We then went to do a bit of off piste with some new friends and some old friends, Stu, Carol, Mel, Dom, Glenda and Paul. Happy valley was great fun, hitting all the random rock drops, jumps, wind lips, icy patches and (kind of) fresh powder. Awesome day in all, follwed up by some drinks and dancing at the Tremplin for apres, then over to Le Prele for a guestless chalet experience. Dave and Nicky provided us with some amazing chilli and the opportunity of a hot tub….WOOOOOO! A grand day 🙂

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