Shredding with new peeps

Mountain Mavericks, Sugar Mountain and Skiology

Due to working, sleeping and snowboarding, we haven’t really had chance to meet loads of seasonnaires, let alone get organised enough to ride with anyone new. So today we headed out with some of the Skiology Chalets crew ( Clodagh, Jamie and Mitch) and then some of the Sugar Mountain crew (Stu and Carol), not to mention the good old faithfuls Dom and Mel. We had a truly splendid day, riding with new people really helps you push yourself and also learn new styles. I was getting shown new lines down pistes, hidden jumps, and then we were just all pushing to learn new stuff…I landed a backside 270…which will eventually turn into a 360 when I grow some balls and take it to the jumps!
Really nice guys and good banter as per usual with your seasonairre types, and another blue sky day, well looking forward to getting out with them again!

Good old Linderet chair lift
Stu hits the wall ride in the Stash, Avoriaz

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