Over the border!

Me and the wife decided to go a bit further afield than usual, this took us over towards Croset and the horrible drag lift that Ems hated so much (fell off it twice and made her have a bad day).

Everyone had told us not to bother going over to the Swiss side as there was no snow, only rocks and dirt. It turns out they were almost correct, however the pistes were still in ok condition, and pretty good fun after being in the sun a while as it was extremely slushy. I noticed they have a nice sized park over that way, with next to nobody using it, so I intend to go over there to try out the red kickers before I attempt them in the park where people can watch!
Long story short, great day with Ems, and she even got round to conquering the nasty drag lift as you can see in the photo.

Crosets 2 drag lift over in Switzerland

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