Shredding the Avoriaz Halfpipe

Well, today was not my first run through the pipe, due to a half hearted effort the other day, but it still felt like my first time! It is rock solid, icey and just incredibly intimidating…you stand at the top looking down, watching the people in front get out the pipe and pull some kind of trick that just doesn’t make sense. Dave (tattoo) informs me of the basic principals of a half pipe, these being: only use your edges in the base of the pipe, board flat on the sides, do not jump as you will jump off the wall, and basically let it flow.

Avoriaz half pipe…me the beginner!

I had my first run through, and it felt pretty good…no where near as hard as I was expecting. Managing about 6 turns until I got to the falling! WOOO!
Obviously I headed for a second run, going faster and higher this time, still no where near the top, but enough to make me horizontal as you can see in the photo…it does’t feel like it looks at all! Another good run until the very last turn where I tried to force myself out of the pipe, thus making me catch an edge and land with all my weight on my knee…I am now looking for kneepads on the internet as it hurt a lot more than I would have liked it to for such a pathetic fall! I am looking forward to lapping the pipe once I have some knee pads and butt protector on me. It is an addictive feeling that’s for sure…bring it on!

Mint Snowboard instructor Dave (tattoo) rocking a tweaked grab in the pipe…looks easy….it’s not…

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