Jackrabbitt peeps hit the stash

The stash is a completely eco friendly park, all the rails etc are made of wood are randomly hidden throughout the tree runs. Today along with some of the JR crew, we went for a ride through, pushing and pressuring people to try new things, and that is just what we all did. We hit the picnic table and some of the other big stuff, great fun in a big group getting the ooo’s and aaaaahhh’s as people fall or make it!
Here are a few photos from today, with a few more to follow, but it is day off tomorrow and I want to make early lifts, so need to sleep. All in all, an awesome day with the JR crew once again, looking forward to a much longer, less time watching day tomorrow! See you on the hill!

Grave showing us some old school moves

Ems trying some new age tricks

Simon rocking out on the old picnic bench in the stash

Wife on the home run after a good afternoon

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