A bad day for 154 Dominant

Mel/Ems causes chaos…no idea who started it..
Out with the other Mountain Mavericks hosts

Before everything went all pete tong!

Last day off I decided to take out my favourite little board Burton 154 Dominant, which suffered an injury last year on the snowball rally losing a lot of base right next to the edge. However, local snowboard shop sorted it out and patched it, but before they were finished I snatched it away to go to Tignes…mistake! Although the patch stayed in that week, a quick trip to Castleford xScape soon saw the patch fall out.
I intended to fix it, but didn’t think it would cause too much of an issue as I didn’t remember struggling in Castleford…so I took it out on the wednesday. Regrets! Every time I went on my toe edge, the damage acted like a brake, pulling down the heel edge and making me lose control, so I spent the whole day on my heel edge, almost like my first ever week away in Chamonix with my brother and peeps. At first I couldn’t decide if it was me or the board, but after a quick swap with Dom, he reassured me I hadn’t forgotten how to snowboard and that infact the board was horrible. So my first impression of the Les Gets side of things wasn’t a great one, we headed down for a Croque Monsieur at 3 and then got the bus back.

Nice day to start with!

Wifey didn’t have a great day either, with the rebel lift than caught me, dom and Ems by suprise taking out all our legs due to it being stupidly fast…as we laughed it off we realised that Ems was indeed not laughing, but crying. The lift had managed to catch her exactly knee cap height standing side on, possibly making the knee pop out and cause immense agony, such so that even a hot chocolate didn’t cheer her up. We eventually got her back on the board and she tentatively made her way down the slopes…still ahead of me as I was still being the falling leaf of Les Gets!

Not so much as time went by…

I have now decided to put my 154 Dominant to rest and create something interesting using my favourite board which now has no other use. However…this leaves me with a dilemma, which I shall explain in my next post….

Our lovely guests invited us out to eat with them that night, so that made it all ok 😀

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