Our season so far

Well, me and Ems have been here for a month now, and with 10 days snowboarding under our belts, we are feeling pretty good. Chalet hosting is hard work as we expected but it returns so much reward when you get nice guests, our first week was a snowboarding camp where we hosted 10 guys who were all really cool, and got to know Dave the snowboard instructor from Mint Snowboarding, who has done a few seasons over the big pond. So far everyone has been spot on, as you would expect from a group of snowboarders, I think we are just preparing for the worst and will end up getting the snobby “cooler than you” snowboarder at some point.

We are meeting seasonnaires left, right and centre, as well as people like Tami who owns Mint Snowboarding, and JP who owns one of the cooler snowboard shops in Morzine (although it is a bad place to go after payday!) slopestyle. It is just like starting university all over again, having to remember everyones names and what they do etc.

So far I can highly recommend doing a season for anyone that wants a bit of a break and fancies meeting some new people, it is hard work but you get the following pay offs: amazing views whenever you step out the door, you meet some interesting people along the way, there are hot tubs everywhere, the culture is different to the UK so it’s a good experience, you get to snowboard almost everyday, you improve you skills quickly, lots of cheese, fresh mountain air and you get to snowboard almost everyday (worth mentioning twice 🙂 )

If you are interested I am doing a personal blog with random photos etc for people to see over at danjesse.co.uk

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