Chalet Hosting in Morzine

Ems working in the kitchen while the snow dumps down outside!
Rude Chalets accross the road

Well, it has been 23 days since we set off and so far we have been out on the board 7 time…not bad going I don’t think! We have been dropped in at the deep end hosting for 10 people, with 14 for food on an evening, so it has been hard work but the guests are all really nice and we couldn’t have got a more perfect group for our first week. So if any of you guys from the Just Snowboard Camp in december are reading this, thanks for understanding with the small problems we did have.

Ems little car with a light dusting

The first 2 weeks kind of set us up wrong for how the season is going to be. We have very little time to get things done, our appartment is a complete mess, I haven’t really touched the laptop since saturday when our guests arrived, and every spare bit of each day is spent planning the next opportunity to snowboard!

Afternoon tea

We get up at 6:30 to get breakfast ready and on the table for 7:30, they then head out onto the slopes for 8:30, then we wash up the breakfast stuff, make a cake, do some prep for the evening meals and set out afternoon tea (cake and bread, jams etc). Once thats done, head to the rooms, clean the toilets, make the beds, fold the towels and make the place look neat and then move onto the communal areas, with a quick sweep and a mop if needed. Then we get our kit on and head to the lifts, for around 12ish depending on how fast we have been. After a ride we then come back for about 4:30 and start prepping tea ready to be served at 8. Serve food, 3 courses, then clear away and tidy up, heading to bed around the 11 or 12 mark, then reset and repeat the next day, and everyday except wednesday which is our full day off.
I will give you some more updates when I get a little bit more time, hopefully in the next few days as I do not think we will be snowboarding til sunday even though the snow is coming down heavily outside…it is our shopping day tomorrow…and it is a mammoth task!

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