3rd day on the hill

Technically our 3rd day on the hill, but only the second while the lifts have been running. We decided to go back up…just because we could, and it was worth it. We hit a load more off piste today and it was well amusing! See the following video of Ems on her off piste antics:

So yeh…I laughed…fortunatly she saw the funny side of it too, as I know how frustrating it can get…as 2 minutes later I did the same thing! My body is still suffering and it didn’t like the extra effort required to recompose after a deep snow bail, even if it prefers the falling into it rather than onto an icy piste! Me, Wife and Glenda rode a few runs in the morning, then meeting up with a few more of the MM crew, Dom and Mel. We all had another great session on the limited lifts available until the wind and fog drew in and brought our day to a close.

I got in a couple of grabs and a few frontside (anticlockwise with left foot forward) 180s along with a substantial amount of clown falls, and basic idiot bails!

The lift we were on went over the Burton Stash, and in all honesty…it looks insane, I am really looking forward to attempting the smaller stuff and possible some of the bigger stuff when I find some ability and manliness! Here are a few photos to show you what it looks like before they build it all properly:

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